Ways I would not mind dying, I think

1. Crushed by a chandelier
2. Malfunctioning spaceship
3. On stage during the final act of an opera where I play the protagonist who is supposed to die in the last act but then I die for real
4. Petrification, I knew Medusa was out there
5. Crushed by the pile of books I still meant to read
6. After exclaiming to have found the secret to life but before I get to explain it
7. Because the palace got overrun by an angry mob
8. I forgot the safeword
9. Deathbed surrounded by loved ones during a night of thunder and rain
10. Poisoned Champagne
11. Tripped backward into an active volcano while hiking
12. Archeological excavation gone wrong
13. Interview with a vampire gone right
14. While shaking hands with the Pope, proving I was the antichrist all along
15. Merman pulled me down
16. The siege had just been lost and they have breached the last levels of the castle, but before they can capture me I jump from the tower holding my prince
17. Before getting immediately revived
18. While writing this list