The Instant

What if, for an instant, we stop making detours, what if we drown our twaddle
A grip that grabs your nape, a hand, that goes all the way up my back-cliff
Hold me tight, like the sailors’ wives when they come back to port
Hold me fast, faster than we pronounce farewell
Embrace me like it tears you off tears at each leaving. At best
it’s life that whispers “always” and would forget its “never”, for an instant

An instant we would believe in lies, in passion that would never stop. But
fingers hanged to each other like skiffs’ carcasses
Tongues like waves breaking, caresses like foam that licks the reef
The sea like a carnal envelop
Like our contours are nothing but a single line, for a single instant, eternal

To wait an entire life only for this moment
That you kiss my lips or that I dig my tongue in you
That our teeth bang together and that our gums pitch
It doesn’t matter; our kiss doesn’t have a shape anymore for this space that is the instant

That I penetrate within you, that you slip into my skeleton
Our bodies devour one another, cursed sea-serpents
A whirl of flesh, a howl of fury, fever and madness
And our knobby bodies, sculpted in the spray, immobile through the drizzle

Lyricism straight to your face!
And your frozen smiles, rigid inside your wrecks
You don’t prick up your ears anymore to the Neptunes’ tales
And the ocean that spits you out the urge to feel the exhilaration of both worlds
For a stuttering of time, for a few seconds
Just for a brief moment, a moment of a shivering love, and of fingers that touch each other lightly

Just at this instant
At this instant, just
Just at this instant