Song for a Seeker of Eden

Over the face of naked waters
a nameless breath was blowing

In wide wind
white seeds of weakness
& weightless
days of realization
whirled in one confused flurry

A subtle hand separated
light from dark
dark from salted sky
& turned to lift
solid air above
from undulating dark
seas beneath

On the second day
a sphere of raw fire
was carried up
into blank dark
to make day

& a round stone mirror
rose into
the opposing sky
in a shower of sparks
to make night

Our globe’s green skin
split into countless
shoots of wet grass

& the bark of trees burst
into soft green flames

Blizzards of birds
brought fresh brilliance
to foliage

& seven oceans flooded
with flashing blue life
of countless fish

At the next dawn
dark infant soil
learned new red languages ~
pulse of horses & bulls

Massive shadows of
elephants & rams
spilled into wilderness ~
wildness of rainwind

On the following day
a plot of dull clay
was shaped into
articulate human fingers

Between blood & blood
skin & skin
man & woman ~
the two took shape

Held in delicate hands
of sentient trees
one unique
in rich scarlet fruit
pregnant with secrets
& seeds that carried
the rumor of death

Amidst wrinkled branches
a serpent made
of the yellow muscle of want
wound its insidious whispers ~

You will know
& fathom the sky
if you bite
this fruit of blood

Each stretched a fleshy hand
toward one apple
that was their own
crimson consciousness

Man & woman shared
the dark-starred fruit
until their lips bled with vision

Taste of sunset
inside the sky

they ate
red within the red

as the first leaf wrinkled
& blindly