A Contract Between Man and Boy

Parties to this agreement 

hereinafter referred to as 
the boy 
my rapist 
hereinafter referred to as 
the man 
actions of this agreement 
indecent assault 
hereinafter referred to as 
the assault 
location of the agreement 
a landscape in France 
with views of Mont Saint-Michel 
hereinafter referred to as 
the playing field 
taking into consideration 
that the man declares that he still has memories 
of the boy described below 
that the boy declares 
that he can still identify the man 
that the boy declares that he is willing 
to pay a price to seal 
the relationship with the man 

the man and the boy establish that the playing field
has the right conditions for the assault
these conditions remain to be determined
by the man on the basis of criteria established
by him namely
the height of the grass

the boy was chosen due to the following
special characteristics
interest in art
tanned skin
trust in the man

the man agrees to think of an excuse
for the boy’s parents to explain the excursion by the man
and the boy to the playing field
hereinafter referred to as
the love of drawing and painting
hereinafter formulated as
shall we go and draw Mont Saint-Michel together?

the man agrees to take care of the boy
ensuring appropriate and fair treatment of the boy
in the event that parties disagree on the question
or such treatment is withheld from the boy
will this question be posed to an adult
to be designated by the boy
in the event that the boy fails to ask this question
to an adult designated by him
the allegations shall be converted into vague memories

the assault shall be the man’s liability
during the period between the assault
and the death of the man

the boy shall be transferred to the man
perfectly intact
i.e. unkissed and untouched
prior to the assault
in the manner in which the man
wishes to kiss and touch the boy

the man states his desires
to touch the boy
and to be touched by him
to kiss the boy and be kissed by him
to be viewed as lust and desire for intimacy

the man agrees to molest the boy

the man agrees to interpret
the permissiveness of the boy
as a combination of confusion fear
interest and fondness
even though the boy is not able
by law
to consent to the actions

the boy agrees to interpret
his permissiveness as complicity
even though the boy is not able
by law
to consent to the actions

the boy agrees to get up
during the assault
and run from the playing field 

the man agrees to become
a secret part of the boy just as the boy
will become a criminal offence for the man

the boy agrees to call the actions
in any potential conversations or texts of his own writing
by the name assault
the boy agrees to associate the assault
with repressed sexuality
aggression towards women and fear for queers
but never using it as an excuse
for what he feels or does

the boy agrees to never strip the actions
namely kissing of the face mouth and neck
caressing of the stomach legs and hair
touching and caressing of the boy’s penis and testicles
touching of the man’s penis
of their factuality
even when it relates to a literary adaptation
of these actions

the boy agrees to never compare
his bed house or city with the playing field
the boy agrees to remain level-headed
in his city house or bed
the boy agrees to become healthy
with the exception of what he writes
namely text
hereinafter referred to as
the boy’s second playing field

man’s signature ………………………….

boy’s signature ………………………….

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