Nick Ingram

EN: Nick Ingram is a poet/writer/artist who operates out of Plymouth, England, where he was a director of WonderZoo, organising Poetry and Spoken Word Events across the South West of the Country. He is the author of Dionysius Williams & Other South West Observations (2014); as well as the collection of poetry: Some Notes from a Small Dent of an English City (2016.) His ‘Logos Project’ has yet to find a publisher. Although some material from this project has been recently published in Paris Lit Up No6 (November 2018.) He has also published some new poetry from his current project in Paris Lit Up No7 (November 2019.) And he has recently published this poem (The English Make A Hard Job Of Being Happy) in The Opiate. At, the present time he is working on new poetry and material for performance.